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Get to know Swiss automatic watches

Discover the beauty and timeless elegance of Swiss automatic watches

For many people, Swiss automatic watches are the ultimate accessory. Beautiful precision timepieces exude an air of elegance and luxury and are adored by discerning men and women around the globe. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that beautifully crafted Swiss watches are available over a wide range of budgets and that there are styles and brands to suit all preferences. Just read on for more information.

Braclet Golden Magnolia Männer und Frauenuhren Vintage Kollektion What are Swiss automatic watches?

An automatic watch is a timepiece that is self-winding. The wearer's natural movements are sufficient to wind the mainspring and provide energy to power the watch. Therefore, once on your wrist, you can simply enjoy your watch for its good looks and excellent time-keeping. However, that doesn't happen by chance. Swiss automatic watches are created by skilled craftsmen who combine traditional workmanship with the latest technology. Each piece is meticulously built over several stages and checked for accuracy at every step. Considered to be a symbol of luxury and elegance, Swiss automatic watches invariably stand the test of time and are often passed down from generation to generation.


Why do people choose Swiss automatic watches?

Swiss automatic watches appeal to all age groups. They are famed for their elegance, accuracy and reliability, and for their durability. Your watch will last a lifetime or longer with the right care and you won't lose a second on the way. There are watches to suit every personality including chic ladies dress watches, everyday pieces, watches for climbers, walkers, sailors and outdoor lovers or styles that are ideal for professional wear. You might want a watch that can be worn every day, maybe you're looking for a beautifully crafted accessory for a special occasion, or perhaps you would love to find fashionable Swiss automatic watches to team with all your favourite outfits. Whatever your needs, they're easier to fulfil at

Find your own Swiss automatic watches

Zytpunkt stocks exceptional Swiss automatic watches for men and women in a wide range of styles. Whether you're a traditionalist or whether you prefer up to the minute colours and designs, you're certain of finding your perfect match. Explore brands like Eterna whose Heritage range is a modern classic or discover the eye-catching colours of Series D from Swiss Made. You'll also find covetable Swiss automatic watches by popular brands like Votum and Junghans; just visit our online store to browse these extraordinary watches at your leisure.

Choose Swiss automatic watches your way

Browse some of the leading names in Swiss automatic watches from the comfort of your own home or office. You'll enjoy access to both classic and contemporary styles in a massive range of colours and materials for both casual and formal wear. We're always happy to assist with queries about our extensive range of watches, jewellery, and accessories. Just visit or contact us by email if you have specific requests or requirements.

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