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Max Bill watch by Junghans

Max Bill Watch: a lesson in sartorial elegance

A Junghans Max Bill watch is a fashion statement, a work of art and a classic piece of jewellery that will bring you pleasure for many decades. Yes, as well as being sleek, chic and utterly desirable, each Max Bill watch is built to last. Whether you want a timeless piece that you can wear each day or whether you'd like to make someone feel truly special, a Junghans Max Bill watch is the ideal choice.

What is a Max Bill watch?

To the Max Bill watches!Chances are that you already appreciate the understated elegance and unique design details that make each Junghans Max Bill watch stand out from the crowd. However, if you're new to the brand, you may well be asking, 'Who is Max Bill?' or, more pertinently, 'What is a Max Bill watch?' Max Bill (1908 to 1994) was many things. The man who formed a partnership with Junghans and gave his name to the Max Bill watch was a painter, an architect, an artist, an industrial designer and a graphic designer. He is widely known as the founder of Concretism, or concrete art, and was a trained silversmith. He studied at the prestigious Bauhaus in Dessau where his many tutors included Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Oskar Schlemmer. An eclectic range of beautiful objects, including the Max Bill watch, is attributed to the artist and designer. His partnership with Junghans spanned several decades and was one of his most productive and successful collaborations.

The finer points of a Max Bill Watch

A Junghans Max Bill watch is proportionally balanced; the round dial is the perfect size and shape for the width of the bracelet. Every Max Bill watch is manufactured from the artist's original designs and, although most of the designs for Junghans date from the early 1960s, these clean, contemporary-style watches look just as fresh, fashionable and relevant now. Early Junghans catalogues indicate that the Max Bill watch was offered in a choice of colours and that's still the case. In fact, at ZytPunkt, the Max Bill watch is available in a comprehensive range of styles and colourways allowing you to easily complement your individual sense of style. Today, Junghans continues to interpret the designs of Max Bill while remaining true to the artist's original drawings and ideas. Each Max Bill watch is a heady combination of outstanding materials, inimitable German precision and artistic flair.

Take a look at classic watches and contemporary styles like the Chronograph and the elegant Ladies Max Bill watch at As a leading purveyor of the finest precision timepieces, ZytPunkt is delighted to present the Max Bill watch in today's most comprehensive range of colours and styles. Whether you're a girl about town, an outdoor fan or a city professional, you're certain to find your perfect match.

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